Salvaged or Junk Cars

Salvaged or Junk cars are vehicles that are declared too expensive to repair by insurance companies and hence are sold to junkyards for parts. If they are somehow repaired and pass a basic safety inspection test then they are awarded a salvage title.  Salvaged cars if not repaired properly could be a danger to anyone who uses it but for 1st time car buyers with very little budget it could be an irresistible option.

Here at Extreme Off Roaders we often run into people looking to buy or sell junk cars. Either they have rode them hard and are ready to dump them, or are looking for a junk car to have some fun in.

Junk Cars: Is It Really That Bad?

According to junk my car specialists, not all vehicles labeled as salvaged cars have incurred terrible damage. Some were recovered after being stolen or gone missing for some time while others were flood or hail damaged. Some were even just victimized by vandals.  It is really important that you know the history of the car before passing any judgment.

Have it Inspected

You cannot go wrong with having the car inspected. Safety is something one should not cut corners with even if the offer to buy seems irresistible.  Bring a mechanic along so he can check out the integrity of the vehicle. You could alternatively send it to a body shop for their opinion. Unless you are a car professional yourself, better have the experts tell you if it is really safe to buy and not rely on the very appealing price tag.

Purchase from a Reliable Source

Do look for trustworthiness when it comes sellers. If it is coming from someone with a good track record for making quality repairs then the risk goes down as opposed to someone that advertised it on Craigslist. The experts at Cash for Junk Cars, who buy and sell junk cars for cash, suggest talking to a local body shop for solid referrals.

Look for the Original Repair Estimate

According to scrap car experts this is the best way to know for sure how much the car was damaged and how much was needed to repair it. This will give you an idea on what parts were replaced and how serious the damage was or if there was any history of collision at all as the damage could have been incurred in a different manner.